World Number One Tennis Player from Asia - Praising coach Naomi Osaka, Sascha Bajin, flowed after her team won the 2019 Australian Open title at the weekend. "There are two types of people in the world. First, typical people who feel satisfied when they achieve a little success. Second, individuals who continue to work hard and want better. He is in the second group," he said, Sunday (27/1).
Bajin voiced pride in the Japanese-Haitian mixed-blooded women’s achievements. Osaka, which chose to become the representative of Sakura, is now officially at the top of the world.
On Saturday (26/1), Osaka managed to win the Grand Slam tournament in a row. After winning the United States of America, now it is the turn of the Australian Open he conquers. In the women’s singles final which took place in Melbourne, the 21-year-old toppled the champion of the Czech Republic, Petra Kvitova, 7-6 (7-2), 5-7, 6-4.
This fact makes Osaka ranked first in the World Tennis Association (WTA). Up date of the new WTA position will be released this afternoon, Monday (28/1). Osaka was unable to hide the joy of seeing that achievement. "I always dream of being in this position," he said on Sunday (27/1).
Osaka is proud to be in the elite ranks of global tennis history. In fact, he is the first Asian representative to be in that position. An amazing result because early last year, the figure who settled in the US was ranked 72nd WTA.
Osaka incised a number of records to bring him to master women’s singles tennis. He became one of the successful defenders of the inaugural Grand Slam title since Jennifer Capriati (USA) in 2001.
As mentioned above, in September 2018, he won the US Open. Unmitigated, in the top party he overthrew veteran American tennis player Serena Williams. Although Serena protested to the referee at the end of the match, the world began to highlight young people from the Land of the Rising Sun.
In the past year, Osaka made a long leap in his career. He carved 14 consecutive wins in the Grand Slam event. One of them was when he overthrew Serena in New York a few months ago, then now Kvitova in Melbourne.
"A rare achievement when a tennis player wins a Grand Slam in a row. This result brings Naomi to the top," said former world number one Chris Evert.
As if it has not shown satisfaction, Osaka has targeted a further target. He wants to win the French Open. Incidentally he likes the clay court character. Only Serena Williams managed to win four Grand Slams in a row. "I will try to pursue the target hard," he said. rk