TKN Spokesperson Talks Imitation Leadership, Jakarta - Spokesperson for the Jokowi-Ma’ruf Amin National Campaign Team (TKN), Ace Hasan Syadzily said strong leadership was leadership that had evidence, not just rhetoric. Ace assessed, the people can see the track record of where leaders are truly strong or leaders who are full of imitation because they are only able to speak out loud.
"Strong leadership is leadership with evidence not just rhetoric. Mr. Jokowi has proven to be brave in making decisions, defending national interests both in the face of oil and gas mafia, facing the ’illegal fishing’ mafia, returning the mahakam block and successfully controlling the majority of Freeport shares," Ace said in written statement in Jakarta on Sunday night.
Ace said the Indonesian people could not be fooled again by rhetoric. The people can see the track record of leaders who are truly strong and loved by the people, and who are leaders who are full of imitation because they are only able to speak out loud.
He said recently a number of university alumni declared supporting Prabowo-Sandiaga, by returning to playing old issues, namely Indonesia which was under threat and needed strong leadership. According to Ace, Prabowo’s imagination about strong leadership is a figure who speaks loud, fiery and often sparks nationalistic jargon.
"Obviously it is a big mistake, because strong leadership is a leadership that is loved by the people, who leads with the heart and always in the hearts of the people. While establishing Prabowo as a strong leader is clearly forced because it is never in people’s hearts, like imitation items that are too forced," Ace said.
He stressed that strong leadership is strong leadership like rock. Not shaken by hoaks, utterances of hatred and slander, because they are sustained by the people not driven by ambitions to rule. rk