Satgas Sets 5 New Suspects, Jakarta - The National Police Antimafia Task Force determined five new suspects from the bribery report of Persibara Manager Banjarnegara Lasmi Indriyani.
Chairman of the Antimafia Ball Task Force Media Team Chief Commissioner Argo Yuwono was met in Jakarta on Monday night (14/1), confirming the investigators had set five new suspects.
Nevertheless, Argo stated, the Task Force had not been able to name the five suspects. This means that with the determination of five new suspects, investigators from the Antimafia Bola Task Force have determined a total of 10 suspects in the alleged match-fixing and bribery case reported by Lasmi.
The suspects in the fixing were threatened with being snared by Article 378 and Article 372 of the Criminal Code as well as Law Number 11 of 1980 concerning Bribery and Article 3, 4, 5 of Law Number 8 of 2010 concerning Money Laundering (TPPU). rk