Sandiaga’s Message to the Millennial Generation in Sumenep, Jakarta - Candidate vice presidential candidate number 2, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno attended the Sumenep Millennial Meeting entitled "What Opportunities Are Suitable for the Millennial Generation" at the Indonesian National Building, Sumenep Regency Monday (21/1). Sandiaga advised that the millennial generation in Sumenep must be able to move the regional economy.
According to Sandiaga, the Sumenep region has a lot of potential. Starting from the potential of tourism, culinary, religious and abundant sunlight. All that potential can be processed into solar energy. The millennial generation is also a demographic bonus that can be a blessing for Indonesia.
"This is a new economic power, a power that can envy other countries, so we have to be players, don’t be spectators," Sandiaga said through a press release on Monday (21/1).
According to him, a suitable effort for the millennial generation in Sumenep is to utilize the potential around them. The tourism potential on Madura Island is huge. Many islands can be used as tourist attractions and Instagramable areas.
He explained, the one who understands millennials is the millennial itself. The Millennials must determine the work they will do after observing the potential of their area. There are four things the millennials must have to start their business. Namely preparation, speed, endurance and team work.
He then mentioned the name Job, a disabled person who had a t-shirt printing and printing business. "Job is an example of a millennial who wants to be a player, not just stay quiet, millennials who have thought of creating jobs, not looking for work," he said.
Job’s trademark was named Jubilee. Job with all his limitations had started a business and created jobs in Sumenep. rk