Prabowo will complete the case of kidnapping activists 98, Jakarta - Gerindra Party DPP Chairman Desmond J Mahesa stressed that candidate number 02 Prabowo Subianto would expose the 1998 activist kidnapping case if elected as RI President for the period 2019-2024.
According to him, Prabowo would not say dishonestly in the case of the 1998 activist kidnapping which was allegedly accused of him.
"My belief that the kidnapping of activists in 1998 must be dismantled because if it was not dismantled as if what was alleged to be Pak Prabowo was true," Desmond said at the 45th anniversary of the January 15 disaster (Malari) in Cikini, Jakarta, Tuesday (16/1) night.
Desmon said, if Prabowo became president then it would be impossible to violate his oath of office, which is to carry out the law as straight as possible so that he would dismantle the case. He considered, it was impossible for the president to be held hostage by an incident, then he did not say honestly so that if he was dishonest he would violate his oath of office.
"The president’s oath of office implements the law as straight as possible. It is a matter of the state, not an individual," he said.
According to him, dismantling suspected cases of human rights violations is not a matter of ordinary crime but the responsibility of the state protects its citizens. The aim, according to Desmond, is that the past events will not happen again in the future so that if the state can protect its citizens then the human rights crimes will not actually exist.
"In the context of the events of 1965, almost all cases of human rights violations were the inability of the state to protect its citizens. Why is this not revealed? Because the state is not ready to dismantle itself with its institutions," he said.
He said, if Prabowo violated his oath as president he would himself sue his party leader to dismantle the 1998 activist kidnapping case. rk