Police Arrest Mother and Child Allegedly Killed Father

SURABAYAPAGI.com- The ranks of the Central Aceh Police Resort arrested a child with his mother for allegedly killing his father a few months ago.
Aceh Police General Criminal Investigation Director Sr. Comr. Agus Sarjito, in Banda Aceh, Tuesday, said the two suspects were the victim’s son YH (26), and his mother had the initials A (45).
"The two residents of Kampung Kuala Satu, Central Aceh District, allegedly killed Ridwansyah (50), biological father and husband of the suspect. Both were arrested on Monday (7/1)," he said.
The alleged murder was carried out in September 2018 at around 21.00 WIB. In addition to arresting mothers and children, the police also pursued their two brothers who were allegedly involved in the murder.
Both initials H (17) and S (25). Both residents of Tanah Karo, North Sumatra, have been included in the police search list or DPO.
Commissioner Agus Sarjito said that the arrest of the suspect Ridwansyah murder originated from the confession of a woman who was a key witness to the police.
The woman stated the murder was carried out by the child and wife of the victim at Jurung Garden, Dedamar Village, Bintang District, Central Aceh in September 2018.
Based on the recognition of the woman, the Central Aceh Satreskrim Team of Police checked the truth.
The police got information about the bodies of the victims being dumped into a cliff in Burlintang Village, Pegasing District, Central Aceh. The police found the victim in a condition that had become a framework.
"Then, the Satreskrim Team was divided in two. One team evacuated the victim’s frame, and another arrested the perpetrator. Then, the police arrested the suspect YH," said Commissioner Agus Sarjito.
The suspect YH claimed to have killed his father with his mother, assisted by his two siblings, now DPO. The motive for murder is because the suspect is hurt.
The suspect claimed to be hurt because his mother was often beaten by his father. Based on the recognition, the police arrested his mother with the initials A. "Now, both are secured at the Central Aceh Police Station for further investigation and investigation. The evidence is secured, namely the victim’s bones and family card," said Commissioner Agus Sarjito. rk