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Perindo Candidates are Requested not to Spread Hoax

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General Chairperson of the Perindo Hary Tanoesoedibjo

SURABAYAPAGI.com - Perindo Party Chairperson Hary Tanoesoedibjo invited all candidates and Perindo to campaign for sportsmanship. The legislative candidates were asked not to spread hoax.
"Certainly, of course we don’t spread hoax. Yes, so we campaign a gentle, sporty one," Hary said when met after the briefing of candidates for the 2019 Election at the Perindo Party DPP Office, Jakarta, in a press release on Sunday (22/1).
The debriefing that was attended by the DKI Jakarta Candidates for Election I, II, III and Banten III became part of the Perindo program evaluation.
"I want to get more or less feedback on the field, because the winnings must be effective, both candidates are effective, the party is also effective," he explained in his press release.
In the briefing, Hary advised the legislative candidate for the Perindo struggle to make changes to the policy. "The right policy can produce maximum results," said Hary.
Perindo, according to him, struggled to narrow social inequalities by accelerating welfare improvement, especially for the lower middle class. If every year the productive community increases, the number of taxpayers will increase and employment will be created.
He added that success is not determined by how long or not someone works, but by strategy. Likewise Indonesia, if the legislatures produce policies on target, Indonesia will advance faster.
He gave an example of one of the policies on e-Commerce, aka online shopping, especially foreigners must be regulated, so as not to harm domestic retailers that absorb a lot of labor and MSMEs. As is known, new foreign online shopping is taxed if the price of the product exceeds US $ 75.
For this reason, rules are needed to protect local retailers and MSMEs from the onslaught of online shopping, especially foreigners. They are protected first so they are really ready to compete, so they can grow. rk

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