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Indonesia is Among the 10 Safest Countries in the World

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Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya

SURABAYAPAGI.com - Indonesia is designated as one of the safest countries in the world. Indonesia ranks 9th according to Gallup’s Law and Order Report in 2018.
Minister of Tourism (Menpar) Arief Yahya in a written statement in Jakarta, Thursday (10/1), appreciated the achievement as a joint effort including the performance of the police. He specifically appreciated the performance of the National Police in improving "safety and security" in Indonesia.
"In terms of security, Indonesia has a score of 89 and is ranked 9th as a country with the highest level of law and order or a level above Denmark and a level below Canada. The top position is held by Singapore with a score of 97, followed by Norway, Iceland and Finland, which each shares a score of 93," said Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya.
Menpar Arief Yahya said, in the Ampersand Travel report (travel site in the UK) released the Solo Women Traveler Index data (the index of the level of traveling safety for women) placing Indonesia as the 5th safest country (Japan, France, Spain, US, Indonesia) of 70 country.
He also appreciated the rapid handling of the crisis by the National Police and the presentation of information to the public regarding security in the relatively fast tourism sector in Indonesia. Arief Yahya gave an example in the event of the Thamrin Bomb terrorism, within 5 hours the government was able to provide security guarantees to the international community.
"The rapid and precise handling of the bomb Thamrin incident on January 14, 2016 provided positive impressions in the international community, including Menpar who was praised when he quickly returned international trust for Indonesian security at ATF Manila on January 18-25, 2016," said Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya .
For this reason the Minister of Tourism (Menpar) Arief Yahya and the Chief of the Indonesian National Police (Kapolri) Tito Karnavian signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at the Indonesian National Police Headquarters on Thursday morning (10/1).
In the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the National Police Chief and the Ministry of Tourism, there are several points, including cooperation in exchanging data and information in the field of tourism, security and law enforcement from the Indonesian National Police in the tourism sector, and cross-institutional human resource development cooperation.
Meanwhile Police Chief General Police Tito Karnavian said that the four sectors that signed the Memorandum of Understanding today were the ESDM, financial, sanitation and tourism sectors as prima donna in the future.
"Indonesia is a country that has a very potential tourism, especially eco-destination and top world destination for diving. Hawaii can be great but it won’t be as great as Bali. Our culinary tourism is also reliable starting from rendang, gado-gado, rawon, we all have. This tourism investment is among the cheapest compared to other sectors but has a big impact. The 4.0 digital revolution will change all, with digitalization there is the possibility of cutting the number of workers, but the tourism sector is absorbing a lot of labor," said National Police Chief Tito Karnavian.
Tito Karnavian explained, on the other hand tourism also needs security guarantees, and that’s where the National Police plays a role.
"I am also grateful, Indonesia is the safest country number 9 in the world. The police also have a special element called the Tourism Police, I emphasized to the Regional Police Chief to be creative and I am free to create according to the ’local wisdom’ of each region in accordance with fairness," Tito Karnavian said. rk

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