•   Minggu, 23 Februari 2020
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Erick Is Called Worthy of Being the Chair of PSSI

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Erick Thohir

SURABAYAPAGI.com - Erick Thohir is said to have the opportunity to become a candidate for the General Chair of the Indonesian Football Association (PSSI), replacing Edy Rahmayadi who resigned. In response, Erick said he was only ready if asked to take care of the Indonesian League.
"At that time I said that if I was told to take care of the League I was ready. If the Chair (PSSI) was there (I) there would be an assignment until April," Erick told reporters on Sunday (20/1).
Erick assessed that Edy Rahmayadi had done his best as Chairman of the PSSI. For this reason, after the resignation of Edy, according to him, the improvement of PSSI management must be the key, so that PSSI will become more professional and Indonesia’s football rankings will not decline.
"Transparency must be the key, do not play around. Otherwise when our ball will advance. The period of our ball is inferior to neighboring countries," he said.
Erick assesses, if we want advanced football, we must be principled without cheating, professional, transparent and not political in football.
When asked about the discussion about this matter with PSSI, according to Erick, he had no discussion regarding this matter.
"Nothing, here again I don’t know too," he said.
The resignation of Edy Rahmayadi from the chair of the PSSI chair made the highest seat in the national football organization vacant.
Now a number of names have emerged as candidates for Edy’s successor. Not only Warganet, but a number of clubs that have a voice in the PSSI Congress also mention the name Erick. rk

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