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307 Hectares of Area in Malang Still Slum

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Wild houses along the Brantas watershed, Malang City

SURABAYAPAGI.com, Malang - About 307 hectares of the area in Malang City are still in the slum category. According to the Mayor of Malang, Sutiaji, these areas become joint government work in the future.
Compared to before, Sutiaji assessed that the number of 307 hectares of slum was relatively lower. Because, Malang City previously owned 607 hectares of slums. While currently it has been reduced to 300 hectares.
"There are only 307 hectares and slums almost 50 percent," Sutiaji told reporters at the Malang City DPRD Building recently.
According to Sutiaji, there are several efforts that can be made to reduce the percentage of slums in the region. One of them is by improving the infrastructure of facilities and infrastructure (sarpras) settlements.
This can be applied through the technical budget that has been stipulated in the Malang City Regional Budget as well as kelurahan funds.
Then it can also carry out the construction of flats or flat apartments. The aim, he continued, was to move residents who had been living in relatively slum areas such as the riverbank. Its construction will later be adjusted to the needs of the local community.
On the other hand, it also seeks to obtain assistance provided by the central government. One of them is through the "Kotaku" program where slums continue to decrease over time.
"The various programs that have been released and succeeded will continue, besides there will be emphasis through other new innovations," he added. rk

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