2019 Bidikmisi Quota is 130 thousand students

SURABAYAPAGI.com, Madiun - The Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemristekdikti) will increase the quota of recipients of the Bidikmisi program in 2019. Menristekdikti Mohamad Nasir said the quota for recipients of the Bidikmisi program will increase from 85 thousand students in 2018 to 130 thousand students in 2019.
"So that almost 50 percent of the increase, hopefully later it will work. Because what I have felt is still lacking," Nasir said, Wednesday (1/9).
According to him, the Bidikmisi program can cut the chain of poverty because children from underprivileged families who excel can complete higher education. Thus, national HR competitiveness can continue to increase.
The addition of the quota was also according to the President’s instructions. Development priorities will be shifted from infrastructure to human resource development. As many as 80 percent of 2018 Bidikmisi beneficiaries have demonstrated their achievements by gaining a cumulative grade point average (GPA) above 3.00.
Bidikmisi is an educational cost aid for prospective students who are not economically capable and have academic potential both to study in higher education in excellent study programs until they graduate on time.
Bidikmisi scholarships, can be used to study at public or private universities. So far, many Bidikmisi alumni have worked in private companies, state-owned enterprises, education and entrepreneurship.
Besides Bidikmisi, the government also provides other scholarships, including Academic Achievement Improvement (PPA), Higher Education Affirmation scholarships (ADik) in Papua, West Papua, and the foremost, outermost, and disadvantaged regions (3T). rk